B24235 – The Beatles 1968 Yellow Submarine Money Banks Set (USA)


A set of four original 1968 Beatles Yellow Submarine money banks. The set comprises a ceramic figure of each of the Beatles in the style of their Yellow Submarine illustrations. Each has a money slot on the back of the head and a stopper at the bottom. The set was made under licence in the late-1960s. Each measures 9cm x 11.5cm (7.5 x 4.5 inches). The money banks each have minor chaffing/rubbing on the base where they have been placed on a surface.

The John Lennon bank is in excellent condition.

The Paul McCartney bank has a small chip to the face near the nose, a chip on the back of the head which has been repainted and minor flecks of paint missing. The condition is very good plus.

The George Harrison bank has a minor chip on the base and a small chip to the underside of the nose. The condition is very good plus.

The Ringo Starr bank has cracking along the entire length of the back from the base to the bottom of the neck. The condition is good.

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