B29511 – Marc Bolan Gods & Men Handwritten Story 15 Pages (UK)


A 15 page handwritten story in the hand of Marc Bolan that dates to the 1970s. Written in both pen and pencil, all but one of the pages are single sided. The story reads ‘Gods + Men In a far off world; hoary withage surrounded by mists in a star system barren + decaying dwelt. Albany. He was once a man but now something more, the breath of a million stab had altered his metabolism into the image of a god, but what god + whose was this the visage of star one lotty brow punctured with pores + green with molds and bacteria, legless but still walking eyeballs, orbs of contradiction leaning out into the foggy night on crimson stalks seeing nothing yet smelling all Albany the man it would seem, had long what remained what loped on his misshapen husk of a body thru the mists of this barren planet, was it him, ashemoc the cursed cuber, the god who would + was willing or tylon the windy, the multi beaked, the wandera (sic) or even yet purna, the everyman the changeless, the frozen one on a a dark dawn in a morning of ice a manship came from the world beyond the worlds it landed on a planet of freezing dust two Earthmen cowled (sic) in plastics + fish bowls of glass, wandered numb thru the forests of white Oaks they ran like children thru the valley of eternal snow at last unknowing they entered like meat, the plateau of the beast over a cold smoldering (sic) fire they talked of earth + tryed (sic) to but the warmth they caught from the memory of their loved ones into their chilled hearts to give them heat + courge (sic), they dozed in pale canopys (sic) like cosmic boy scouts they were awoken at dawn by a mighty wind which clawed at their tent like a lion + then he came the first caress from his deamon (sic) mind brought blindness in his minds mouth he crunched the eyeballs like cracking over fried eggs + then their limbs, he sucked the bones bare like a tennessee chicken eater the nails + lips, rare delocosge (sic) he chomped slowly the howls of pain shook the foilage (sic) in the forest of white oak + lastly the heart. A master piece by a hated master littered the floor making heigylphs (sic) + cosmic rune talk. The earthmen lay swamped in living debre (sic), unseeing all feeling + dying torry (sic) gullit (sic) lain on broken armpit+ gorned (sic) fingers the only unraped (sic) personage that remained in the plundered citadel of the body was their hearts. Albany loped wildly beneath the golden sythe (sic) of the moon his toothless roughed mouth with blood his unholy appettiae (sic) for once fully appeased he scurryed (sic) to a brook + broke the frozen water with a crimson claw knelt on bony knees to drink the water his long fleshy tongue was revealed + on it still beating was the double heart’. Crossing out and corrections on every page. Each page measures 10.2cm x 13cm (4 inches x 5 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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