B29919 – David Bowie 1969 4 Page Signed Handwritten Letter (UK)


An extremely early and rare David Bowie 4 page handwritten letter that David mailed to a fellow musician Dick Jones in the summer of 1969 shortly before Bowie’s career took off with the release of ‘Space Oddity’. The letter was written by David in relation to the possibility of Dick’s group, the Drama Band, performing at the Three Tuns Pub at a concert organised by the Beckenham Arts Lab, the collective in which David was heavily involved with during his early career. David also details others artists who were connected to the Lab and he writes about various other matters that relate to both the promotion of the gig and an to the possibility of developing a booking agency within the Arts Lab.


David Bowie has written his phone number, name and home address at the top of the first page. The letter reads:-




Firstly this is to confirm that we wish you to appear at the Three Turns, BECKENHAM HIGH ST. on Aug 3rd somewhere between the hours of 7:30 and 10:45 for a duration of anything you like but for not less than ¾ of an hour. The bread that shall pass hands will be £10 English currency, in accordance with the rules of the present monetary system.


There you go, baby.


I’m really looking forward to seeing your band, unless I’m mistaken we should have a very happy constructive evening with interplay from both sides.


On the subject of ayency (sic) my ideas are embryonic and fluid but what we do have together is the following: –


  • 4 bands (local) who have no work
  1. a) Sin Therio, an awkward sounding tribal/folk sound
  2. b) OSWALD K. poetry/free-form/Jazz/Rock
  3. c) GILES & ABDUL Indo/blues duo with vocals.
  4. d) Midget, a 30 piece rock-orchestra

MIDGET is the most exciting venture yet, but I also have a lot of feeling for the others

  • A number of colleges and labs call us for suggestions as to who they could book.
  • A telephone, paper, and office facilities.
  • Mary Finnigan, joint co-ordinator of the Lab (known as GROWTH). A good talker and hustler.

So as not to stamp on the toes of “Catalyst” we would steer away from mass agency concepts ie not have 3000 blues-groups on books. We would concentrate only on music/visual/oral – activity media.

We should have only a limited number of groups to deal with.

Say 10 at the most. As the agency would work on a temporary basis we would have time to concentrate on each of these groups with care. Whenever a booking is obtained for a group, paid, free, or expenses (say 3/6). This would keep us running.

It might also interest you to know that we have now secured our own record label UNDERGROWTH, which will be in operation within two months. Apart from the studios we have a first class distribution tie-up which will place us alongside EMI Decca etc in any and every record shop.

Your ideas please

Yours in Dharma


Headed paper isn’t printed yet? Next week maybe! Oh! And a S.E. underground paper.

If you wanted any details of the Lab, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have a million and 1 things going SUCCESSFULLY. I may sound over-opt on things but it’s because I’m so excited by what’s happening down here. Dig?”

The letter comes with an extremely detailed letter from Dick Jones in which he states that Bowie travelled to his home and played several songs to him, one of which was a two-section version of ‘Space Oddity’. The Drama Band did end up performing at the Three Tuns gig as a support to Bowie. Each page measures 20.5cm x 32cm (8 inches x 12.5 inches).

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