B29993 – Paul McCartney 1967 Signed Cavendish Avenue London Vintage Photograph (UK)


A vintage colour oversized snapshot photograph of Paul McCartney and a fan named Carol Blaze on the back step of Paul’s Cavendish Avenue home that has been signed by Paul McCartney in black ballpoint pen. Paul has added the inscription ‘To Carol love’ above his name. The signature dates to 1967. The photograph comes with a letter from Carol Blaze that reads ‘The photo was taken in 1966. A group of us used to go the recording studio at Abbey Road, most evenings and weekends after work. This particular Saturday, we went to studios, but the Beatles were not there. So we walked round to Paul’s house at St Johns Wood. We hung around hoping to catch him, or any of the others till later, and we were sure he was in, so we rang the bell on the big gates. Eventually he came out, slightly cross, and told us to ‘go home girls’. Well, of course we didn’t, and we missed our last train home!! So we rang again and he eventually came out again, and we explained our problem, and after a while he said we could sleep in his garage. He had a kettle etc. in there so we could have a drink. The photo was taken early the next morning outside his back door. I think, because he was so used to seeing us all, was maybe why he let us stay’. The photograph measures 25cm x 25cm (9.9 inches x 9.9 inches). The condition is very good minus.

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