B30204 – David Bowie 1968 Arts Lab London Performance Poster (UK)


An original performance poster from the Arts Lab, Drury Lane, London. The poster is advertising performances by David Bowie, Graciela Martinez and Mark Boyles Sensual Laboratory. The Arts Lab was an alternative arts centre, founded in 1967 by Jim Haynes at 182 Drury Lane, London. Although only active for two years, it was influential in inspiring many similar centres in the UK, continental Europe and Australia. David Bowie, who used to rehearse (and perform mime) at the Drury Lane Arts Lab, co-founded a Beckenham Arts Lab, which organised a one-day free festival, but was disillusioned by the lack of interest of other performers/artists taking an active role in the continuation of the centre. The poster measures 76cm x 51cm (30 inches x 20 inches). The condition is excellent.

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