B30545 – Christies Auction House Collection of 1980s-2010s Auction Catalogues (UK)


A collection of 29 catalogues from Christies Auctioneers in South Kensington, London relating to sales of rock and pop memorabilia. The catalogues each contain around 100 pages. The dates of the sale catalogues are as follows:

19th December 1985

28th August 1987

25th August 1988

24th August 1989

25th April 1991

28th & 29th August 1991

7th May 1992

26th August 1992

14th May 1993

26th August 1993

6th June 1996

4th September 1997

30th April 1998

10th December 1998

27th April 2000

26th September 2000

26th April 2001

30th April 2002

3rd October 2002

5th May 2004

5th May 2005

28th September 2005

25th May 2006

21st November 2006

26th April 2007

10th July 2008

24th June 2010

29th November 2012

20th June 2014

Each measures 21cm x 26.5cm (8.25 inches x 10.5 inches) except for the catalogue from the 24th June 2010 which measures 24.75cm x 33cm (9.75 inches x 13 inches). One or two of the catalogues may have writing on some of the pages from the attendee at the respective auction. The condition varies from very good to near mint.

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