B30643 – The Beatles 1965 Autographs Capitol Theatre Cardiff Last UK Tour Appearance (UK)


A piece of white lined notepad paper that has been autographed by The Beatles in ballpoint pen. George Harrison has an inscription ‘To Paul nest wishes from’ above his name. The autographs were signed for a journalist named Paul Scudamore backstage at the Capitol Theatre, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom on 12th December 1965. This was the final night a of The Beatles 1965 UK tour and the last touring date that The Beatles ever performed in the United Kingdom. The autographs come with a letter of provenance that reads ‘‘How Paul Scudamore became Mike Adams…Paul Scudamore was a junior reporter on the Llanelli Star in South Wales but before that wrote a pop column in the weekly Herald of Wales newspaper based in Swansea, called Lanelliside as part of the Beaterama pop page, and also became a regular contributor to the Record Mirror weekly national music paper. Believing Paul Scudamore was not “hip” enough he chose the nom-de-plume Mike Adams. With his Record Mirror hat on he saw The Beatles in the two shows they played at the Capitol Cinema in Cardiff on the last date of their last UK tour on December 12 1965, the first from the stalls and the second from the wings. Between the two performances he visited the dressing room where he had an exclusive interview with Paul McCartney – after which he acquired the autographs of all four. When he returned to McCartney for his autograph he noticed George had written “To Paul” and said “Who’s this for?”. I said “Me”. McCartney replied “I thought you said your name was Mike – What’s wrong with Paul?” The article was published in the Record Mirror the following week’. They also come with a copy of the article that was published in Record Mirror. The page measures 8.3cm x 15.25cm (3.25 inches x 6 inches). The condition is near mint.

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