B30945 – Brian Epstein Owned Sounds Incorporated EMIdisc Acetates (UK)


Two single sided EMIdisc acetates containing the 1964 self-titled album by Sounds Incorporated.  Both have handwritten labels containing the words ‘Sounds Incorporated’, ‘Side 1’ and ‘Side 2’ respectively and ‘Mono’.  There is also an unknown signature on each label.  There are numerous small surface marks on both discs.  The conditions of each record is very good.  The records come in two extremely worn EMI inner sleeves.

The acetate comes with a letter from Brian Epstein’s nephew Henry which reads as follows:

‘A pair of single-sided 12” Emidisc acetates for the Sounds Incorporated album ’Sounds Incorporated’.  The handwritten labels read ‘Sounds Incorporated side 1 and 2. Mono’

This is to confirm that the Sounds Incorporated album, illustrated above, was bequeathed to me and was formerly the property of my uncle, Brian Epstein, manager of The Beatles.’

The letter has then been signed by Henry in blue pen.

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