B30956 – The Beatles Early 1963 Autographed Philip Gotlop Vintage Photograph (UK)


A vintage black and white photograph that was taken Philip Gotlop in London, January 1963 that has been autographed by all four Beatles in ink. Paul McCartney has added the inscription ‘All the best!’ above his name and the group name ‘Beatles’ below it. Ringo Starr has added the inscription ‘Best Wishes’ above his name. George Harrison has originally signed in a different pen but the signature did not take so well so he re-signed in a different pen. The signatures date to early 1963. The photograph measures 20.5cm x 25.5cm (8.1 inches x 10 inches). There is a little damage to the photograph which affects the letter ‘y’ in Paul’s surname. The condition is very good plus.

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