B31490 – Ringo Starr & Barbara Bach Starkey 1981 Autographs (UK)


A piece of off white paper that has been autographed by Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach Starkey in blue ballpoint. The autographs were obtained at Elstree Studios, London when Ringo was filming the video for ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’ in 1981. The autographs come with a letter from the original recipient that reads ‘In 1981 the drum major of the Wickford Youth Band and Majorettes was approached by Pineapple studios, where he worked out, by an associate of Ringo Starr and asked if we would be interested in taking part in a new video they were making at Elstree Studios. As secretary of the Band I had to obtain permission for the children to miss a days schooling. When we arrived at Elstree some of the parents were asked to appear as French people watching the parade. After filming the children were allowed to ask Ringo and Barbara for autographs but quite a few were too shy to speak to them. Barbara said what a well behaved group of children they were and they were a credit to us. They were very impressed with the children and Ringo gave a couple of impromptu drum rolls on the children’s drums which was amazing. The video was for the song ‘Stop And Smell The Roses’. Both my children took part in the video and my son is the second small drummer on the right. It was a great day and everybody enjoyed it’. The paper measures 8.5cm x 6cm (3.25 inches x 2.4 inches). The condition is very good.

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