B31531 – The Beatles 1963 Autographed Gaumont Wolverhampton Concert Programme (UK)


A concert programme for The Beatles 1963 Autumn tour of the UK that has been signed on the front cover by the group in blue ballpoint pen. Paul, George and Ringo has added three kiss symbols ‘xxx’ after their signatures and John has added two. The autographs were signed for a competition winner backstage at the Gaumont Theatre, Wolverhampton, England on 19th November 1963. The lucky recipient of the autographs was a friend of a winner of a competition that was run by the UK music newspaper Disc to win 2 front run ticket and to meet the Beatles at the concert. Accompanied by an email from the friend of the recipient that reads ‘I was a big ‘pop’ music fan and used to buy various music papers, one of them being ‘Disc’ which has long since finished. When the Beatles headlining tour was announced they ran a competition with a prize of two front row tickets and the chance to go backstage to meet the boys before the concert for three people at each venue. Amazingly, I won! As you can imagine, I suddenly acquired lots of people who wanted to be my ‘best friend’. At the time, Margaret was very keen on George Harrison so along we went. My memories of the night are the crowds, the Beatles orange faces (stage make-up), that they weren’t as tall as I expected and that most of the conversation was from them as we were all a bit dumb struck. After the meeting we were taken to our front row seats for the concert. You couldn’t hear anything for the screaming and my ears were ringing for days afterwards. A photo was taken of the prize winners and guests with the band, I think on the stairs leading to their dressing room, and I was sent copies for myself and Margaret as mementoes. You don’t mention a photo so I presume it has got lost but it is the same as the one attached. This is an article by one of the other prize winners at the Gaumont Wolverhampton on November 19th 1963 that was in The Beatles monthly magazine. I am the person centre, bottom of the photo with Margaret on my left. After taking our ‘O’ levels Margaret, Mary and I transferred to the Grammar School to study for our ‘A’ levels but I changed my mind after a year and we lost contact’. Comes with colour copies of the copy of Disc and also a copy of The Beatles Book number 16 November 1964 that features an article by another competition winner from the show and also a picture of all of the winners including the recipient who is pictured in the bottom right corner of the photograph. The programme measures 20cm x 26.25cm (7.9 inches x 10.3 inches). Some minor wear to the edges. The condition is very good.

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