B32063 – Beatles Paul McCartney 1968 EMI Studios London Original Vintage UK Photograph (UK)


A colour photograph of Paul McCartney which was developed and printed from the original negative in January 1971.  The photograph was taken by Beatles fan Denise Werneck outside EMI Studios on the evening of the 18th of February 1968, the day before Paul and Ringo left for India to visit the Maharishi’s camp.  Strangely there is no reference in Mark Lewisohn’s book ‘The Beatles Chronicle’ about Paul being at EMI on this day.  It is featured in Lizzie Bravo’s book Do Rio a Abbey Road (From Rio to Abbey Road) accompanied by text which reads ‘We had lunch at the Wimpy bar, went to Cav (Cavendish Avenue) at 3pm, stayed at the end of the road… he arrived at 6pm, stopped but there were a lot of people… we spoke to him then he went home. We waited for hours, he left when we went to the Wimpy bar again. We went to EMI and there was his car. We waited a bit, Denise took several photos. He gave autographs, called Mike and left. Not in a bad mood but not too good either.’  It measures 12.5cm x 9cm (5 inches x 3.5 inches). The condition is very good.

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