B32121 – The Beatles & Pete Best 1961/1962 Cavern Club Autographs & Membership Card (UK)


A piece of white lined paper that has been autographed by The Beatles and Pete Best. George Harrison has signed his name three times. John Lennon, George Harrison and Pete Best have signed in blue ballpoint pen, Paul McCartney has signed in black coloured pencil. John has added the word ‘love’ above his name and a ‘x’ below it, George has added the inscription ‘Love from’ above one of his signatures. Pete has added the inscription ‘Lots of Love’ above his name and ‘xxx’ below it. Paul has added ‘xxx’ below his name. The autographs were obtained by a Cavern Club, Liverpool member named Ann Parker during a lunchtime session at the venue in either 1961 or 1962. They come with Ann’s 1962 Cavern Club membership booklet and a letter that reads ‘I was 15 when I acquired my Cavern membership card. My sister was 18 years old and was working as a secretary in an Insurance company in Liverpool. In my school holidays, I would meet up with her at the Cavern lunchtime sessions, as well as some evening events. I was lucky enough to see the original Beatles at least twenty times. I think I only saw Ringo Starr a few times, remembering one session when the TV cameras were filming. These autographs were obtained during a lunchtime session, as were the photographs. I am pleased that I put the signatures, Cavern membership card and the photographs in a safe place. Ann Cushion (Nee Parker)’. The paper measures 17.75cm x 13.5cm (7 inches x 5.25 inches). The condition is very good.

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