B32182 – John Lennon 1960 Liverpool College Of Art Examination Results Sheet (UK)


A Liverpool College Of Art intermediate Drawing School examination results sheet for the end of half term period, February 15th 1960. The sheet is for Group 5 students in the second year. John Lennon’s name is handwritten on the list of students running down the left column, his examination results for each subject have been handwritten in by each of John’s respective teachers. A notable name has been crossed off the list, that being Thelma Pickles one of John’s early girlfriends, they began dating in the autumn of 1958. Thelma was witness to a rare occasion at John’s home Mendips, when John, Paul and George all stood in the kitchen and played their guitars when John’s aunt Mimi was out. The sheet was formerly the property of one of one of John’s teachers listed, Mr. Bollard. It measures 20.5cm x 25.5cm (8 inches x 10 inches). There are pin holes at the top of the sheet and a tear in the right top edge. The condition is very good.

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