B33048 – The Beatles Manager Brian Epstein 1965 Autographed Plaza Hotel Card (USA).


Half of a card from the Plaza Hotel, New York, USA that has been autographed on the reverse by The Beatles manager Brian Epstein in ballpoint pen. The autograph was obtained at the Plaza hotel on the evening of 14th August 1965. Earlier in the day The Beatles has been at Studio 50 in the city recording an appearance for the Ed Sullivan show. One day later on the 15th August 1965 The Beatles would perform at Shea Stadium setting a new record for the biggest attendance and biggest revenue for a pop concert.

The card comes with a letter from the original recipient that reads:

‘As a 17 year old, a small group of friends and I decided to see Cilla Black at the Persian Room of the Plaza the night before the Shea Stadium Beatles Concert, because we had followed her career based on the fact that she, too, was a Brian Epstein prodigy. Surprisingly, the Persian Room was not overly filled that night, and we were seated at a round table not far off the stage. A few minutes later the table next to us, a very large round table, filled up with a group of men.
I recognised at least one person as a member of Sounds Incorporated, an opening act to the Beatles, and motioned to my friends. They motioned back – I was sitting a few feet away from Brian Epstein. For the next ten minutes, I listened to the conversation, but finally got up nerve to ask him for an autograph. Not having any paper, I grabbed a place card from our table and pushed it towards him with a pen that didn’t fully work that well. He said nothing, but signed the card (after trying to make the pen work.) None of my friends asked him for an autograph, and I felt like I had scored a signature from the fifth Beatle.

Cilla Black gave a wonderful performance and thanked Brian for being there that evening. Later the five of us went back to her dressing room, talked to her and secured autographs. Again not having paper, I used the back of my high school Quill & Scroll (journalism honor society) card for her to write on. The only negative part of the evening came with the final bill – five orangeades and a cover charge of $25 (no idea what a cover charge meant at that age.) But it was an evening that none of us would forget for years to come’.

The card measures 15.25cm x 9.5cm (6 inches x 3.75 inches). The condition is very good minus.

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