B33201 – The Beatles Convention Memorabilia Bob Wooler Collection (UK)


A collection of original memorabilia relating to various Beatles Conventions which took place throughout the UK. The collection is from the collection of Cavern Club compère, Bob Wooler. It consists of the following:

A programme from the first convention which took place at St Andrews Hall, Norwich on the 28th August 1976.

A programme for the first Liverpool convention which took place at Mr Pickwick’s Club, Liverpool on the 8th and 9th October 1977. The tickets are numbered 0219, 0381, 0420, 0594.

Two souvenir itineraries for Bob Wooler’s Magical History Tour which took place as part of the Beatles convention on the 16th July 1978.

Two tickets for the Liverpool Beatles Convention which took place at Mr Pickwick’s Club, Liverpool on the 15th July 1978. The tickets are numbered 121 and 122.

A ticket for the Fab Xmas Beatle Party which took place at EMI’s Romeo’s and Juliet’s on the 28th December 1978. It is numbered 896 on the reverse.

A ticket for the Mersey Beat Ball with took place at the Wooky Hollow on the 29th November 1979. It has a ‘Robert Wooler’ stamp on the front and back and Bob has written ‘614’ on the reverse.

An All-Day ticket, an evening ticket and a promotional flyer for The Beatles Bonanza which took place at the Stars Discotheque, Sheffield on the 31st May 1980. The booking form is still attached to the bottom of the flyer. The all-day ticket is numbered 648.

Two souvenir programmes from the Beatles convention which took place at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool on the 27th August 1983.

Three invitations to the ‘This Is Merseybeat’ concert afterparty which took place at the VIP Lounge at the Royal Court on the 28th August 1993.

An invitation to Beatles Nights at Maxwell’s Plum, Liverpool.

The largest item measures 21.2cm x 29.8cm (8.3 inches x 11.7 inches). The condition overall is very good plus.

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