B33765 – U2 1982 Autographs (UK)


Four pieces of paper that have been signed by U2 in ballpoint pen. Bono, Adam and Larry have signed in blue ballpoint pen, the Edge has signed in black ballpoint pen. Bono has added the year ‘82’ next to his name, Larry has added the inscription ‘To Clare’ above his name, Adam has added the inscription ‘To Clare love’ above his name. The autographs were obtained when U2 performed on the BBC television programme ‘Get Set For Summer’ at BBC studios, Manchester, England on 8th May 1982. The signatures come with a letter from the original recipient that reads ‘The purpose of this letter is to serve as authentication of the signatures of the band members of U2, The signatures are on separate pieces of white paper. I obtained the autograph personally when I met them outside, at the front of the BBC Studios in Manchester in May 1982. They were performing on the Saturday morning ‘Get Set For Summer’ television show. My friend and I used to travel down to meet bands and attend the show’s audience a couple of times.  We had never heard of U2 at the time but became fans a few years later as they became more popular in England’. The display measures 23cm x 17.5cm (9 inches x 6.8 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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