B33904 – John Lennon Bag One Autographed I Do Lithograph 55/300 (UK)


An original ‘I Do (in front of registrar in Gibraltar)’ lithograph from John Lennon’s 1969 Bag One collection. The lithograph has been signed by John Lennon in pencil on the bottom right corner and numbered 55/300. It was autographed in the Toronto home of the American musician Ronnie Hawkins in December 1969. The series of drawings was first published under the title Bag One and exhibited in January, 1970 at the London Art Gallery. On its second day of viewing, the exhibition was closed by Scotland Yard and the lithographs were confiscated because of their highly intimate and erotic nature. The case was ultimately dismissed when the magistrate decided that John’s prints were “unlikely to deprave or corrupt.” Printed on BFK Rivers Paper. The lithograph measures 76cm x 58cm x (30 inches x 22.75 inches). Very slightly cut on top edge. The condition is very good.

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