B34133 – Paul & Linda McCartney 1979 Autographed Old Siam, Sir A Label Demo (UK)


A UK 7 inch A label demo for the 1979 Wings single ‘Old Siam, Sir’ that has been autographed by Paul and Linda McCartney in pencil. Linda has added the inscription ‘Keep plugging + love’ above her name. The autographs come with a letter from the original recipient that reads ‘Between 1977 and 1979 I was a singles sales and promotions executive with EMI records. My work involved ‘working’ on a select number of singled each week. This took me, within my designated areas (London, the South East and East Anglia), to the record shops from whose sales the charts were compiled as well as the local radio stations within the same areas. One such single was ‘Old Siam, Sir’ by Wings. During the week in question, Paul and Linda McCartney visited our Manchester Square offices one day and, whilst I saw them there, was too low on the food chain to be able to meet them. However, on my journey home to SE London, I noticed them driving behind me as I approached Camberwell Green. On an impulse, I stopped my Ford Cortina at the traffic lights, grabbed one of the ‘Demo Not For Resale’ copies from my samples, as well as a pencil, and ran, much to their surprise, back to their car. ‘I work for EMI and am selling your single at the moment, would you mind signing a copy, please?’ was my request and they couldn’t have been nicer about this interruption to their journey. Paul called out good-humouredly to those who were watching, ‘blame EMI for this’ and signed the cover. Linda was also happy to oblige and signed ‘Keep Plugging’ as well as her name on the label. The single has never been played and has been kept stored for the last 41 years.’. There is some creasing to the sleeve. The condition is very good plus.

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