B34508 – The Jam Paul Weller Signatures & Photographs (UK)


A small page from a restaurant order pad that has been signed on the reverse by The Jam.  Paul Weller Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler have each signed their full names in black pen.  The autographs were obtained in the late 1970s/early 1980s at the Windmill Pub at Mellor Brook.  The signature come with three photographs of the band outside the pub and a letter from the original recipient which reads as follows:

“These photographs (I think) are from the 1979-1982 (there is a diary entry for 1982 attached), The Jam used to call in at the Windmill Pub at Mellor Brook usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when they were en route up/down the motorway.  We worked there at the time in the kitchens (pot wash/food pre/waiting on) so we would see them coming in or a friend of ours used to live directly across from the Windmill and we lived down the road so when he saw the coach arrive would let us know.

We were at the time probably around 14-18 years old, and we absolutely loved them coming into the pub.  They liked it because it was quiet and friendly, no hassle and they would spend most of the afternoon there dining and chatting to us.  Always really friendly all of them including the bouncers and I think they really enjoyed calling in as it sort of became a regular yearly visit.”

The page measures 10cm x 7cm (4 inches x 2.75 inches).  There is a light vertical crease running down the centre of the page.  The condition is very good plus.

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