B34559 – New Musical Express NME 1961 Complete Run (UK)


A complete consecutive run of New Musical Express (NME) music papers from 1961. There are 52 issues in total, the run begins on the 6th January and ends on the 31st December.

New Musical Express was one of the most authoritative UK music papers of the sixties. It contained interviews with, and features about, all of the important artists and bands of the sixties plus news, record and concert reviews and great pictures.

The paper normally consisted of 12 pages. It measures 33.5cm x 41cm (13 inches x 16 inches). Several of the issues have the owner’s name written on the left hand side border on the front page. The condition is as follows: 1 issue is fair, 10 issues are good and the remainder are very good minus.

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