B34647 – The Clash 1980 Fully Signed Armagideon Times Number Two Fanzine (UK)


A copy of the UK fanzine ‘The Armagideon Times Number Two’ that has been signed on the front and back covers and inside by The Clash. Paul Simonon has signed the front cover and back cover in black pen, he has additionally signed his name inside the fanzine ‘SIMONON’. He has also drawn a picture of a bomber dropping a bomb and a reindeer on the same page. Mick Jones has signed the back cover in black pen, he has added the group name ‘(CLASH)’ under his signature. Joe Strummer has signed the front cover and an inside page in blue ballpoint pen. Topper Headon has signed the front and back cover in blue ballpoint pen. The autographs were obtained at the Assembly Rooms, Derby, England on 9th June 1980. The fanzine comes with a letter from the original recipient that reads:

‘This letter is to confirm the authenticity of the signatures that appear on the Armagideon Times Number Two and ticket stub by the members of The Clash. All signatures were obtained from the four band members backstage in their dressing room whilst talking and having a drink with them. At the time I was only 14 and gained backstage access thanks to having a pretty 16 year old sister with long peroxide blonde hair! This took place at the Derby Assembly Rooms on Monday 9th June 1980, whilst they were on their 16 Tons tour. In addition to the signatures, on page 14 of the Armagideon Times, Paul Simonon added his surname, a reindeer and an aeroplane dropping a bomb, onto his existing printed drawing making it totally unique. The ticket stub shows balcony seating from where five colour photo prints of the band were taken during their live performance. To confirm, the negatives to these photographs were lost many years ago. Therefore these prints are the only ones in existence.’.

The fanzine also comes with 5 vintage colour photographs of the Clash performing live on stage at the concert. Each print measures 9cm x 13cm (3.5 inches x 5.1 inches). The condition of the prints is near mint. The fanzine measures 21cm x 29.5cm (8.3 inches x 11.6 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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