B35047– Buzzcocks And Joy Division Autographed Piece Of Paper 1970s (UK)


A piece of paper that has been autographed by Joy Division and The Buzzcocks. Joy Division have signed to the right side of the page and The Buzzcocks on the left side.
Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris have each signed their full names in black pen. Peter Hook has signed in red pen.
Pete Shelley has signed in black pen and Steve Garvey, Steve Diggle and John Maher have signed in red pen. Steve Garvey has signed the page twice. The address ’50 Newton St Man’ has been written in red pen along the left side in an unknown hand.
The signatures were obtained on October 6th 1979 at the Odeon, Edinburgh. It measures 20cm x 12.5cm (8 inches x 5 inches). The paper has been folded leaving horizontal and vertical crease lines through the centre. There are a couple of small holes along the crease lines and some wear and tear to the edges. The condition is very good minus.

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