B35775 – Jerry Dammers 1979 Handwritten Lyrics To The Specials Debut Album (UK)


A truly amazing lot of 10 set of lyrics in the hand of Jerry Dammers, founder, keyboardist and songwriter of The Specials for the group’s 1979 debut album that were sent to Dave McCullough, a journalist at the English music newspaper Sounds. The lyrics are housed in a mailing envelope that is postmarked March 1979 which is addressed to Dave McCullough. All songs differ to the released versions that appeared on the album which was released on 19th October 1979. Each lyric has been written by Dammers in black ink on a piece of white paper and attached to a white postcard. The only songs missing from the album are the cover versions that The Specials performed on it. All come from the estate of Dave McCullough.

The songs that Dammers has written lyrics are as follows:

Do The Dog

It’s Up To You

Nite Klub

Doesn’t Make It Alright

Concrete Jungle


Black Expression

Naked (Stupid Marriage)

Too Much Too Young

One Two (Little Bitch)

Each lyric has been written on a sheet of paper which has been attached to a piece of card. Each piece of card measures 14cm x 9cm (5.5 inches x 3.5 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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