B36678 – Rory Storm & The Hurricanes 1963/1964 Scrapbook Johnny Guitar Collection (UK)


A scrapbook which contains various newspaper clippings, handbills and tickets related to Rory Storm and The Hurricanes. It covers the years 1963 and 1964. The following items are included amongst others:

A newspaper cutting for performances by the group at the Grafton Rooms on the 28th August, a performance at the Rialto Ballroom and at St Barnabas

Various clippings relating to Ringo leaving the band

A ticket for a performance at the Rialto Ballroom on the 30th April 1964

A ticket for a performance at York Cricket Club on the 17th April 1964

A ticket for a performance at the Top Rank Ballroom on the 27th May 1964

A ticket for a Chuck Berry performance at the Odeon Theatre, Liverpool on the 17th May 1964

A ticket for the Combination Dance at King David School Hall, Liverpool on the 24th May 1964

A cutting advertising a performance at the Floral Hall

A cutting advertising the group’s performance with Little Richard at the Plaza Theatre on the 15th May

Several postcards from Hamburg

A handbill for a performance at the Locarno on the 15th September

A cutting for a performance at the Cavern Club

A ticket for a performance at The Church Hall, Cunningham Road on the 25th April 1963

Cuttings for performances the Cavern Club, Barnabus Hall, the Jive Hive on the 13th March, the Iron Door Club and The Peppermint Lounge

Programmes and a timetable from the Star Club, Hamburg

A handbill for the Liverpool to Isle of Man ferry performance in 1963

Cuttings for performances at the New Brighton Bathing Pool and the Rialto Ballroom

A cutting with an article about Ringo Starr

A ticket for the performance at The Majestic on the 13th August 1963

A cutting for the Beat Music Festival at Stanley Stadium

A ticket for the Barbecue Stomp at The Stork Recreation Ground on the 10th August 1963

A cutting for a performance at the Tower Ballroom, New Brighton

A handbill for the Annual Summer Fair on the 18th May 1964

Several cuttings with articles and an advertisement for the group’s performance at Haima

A handbill for the Daily Herald Beat Festival held on the 31st August 1963

The scrapbook measures 24.5cm x 38cm (9.6 inches x 15 inches). There is wear and tear to the covers and pages. There is a 9.5cm split to the bottom of the spine. The condition is good.

The scrapbook comes from the collection of Rory Storm and The Hurricanes guitarist, Johnny ‘Guitar’ Byrne.

Please note that all of the items listed above have been glued into the scrapbook.

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