B36864 – Aerosmith Get A Grip RIAA Sales Award (USA)


An original framed RIAA sales award commemorating the sale of more than seven million copies of the Aerosmith album entitled ‘Get A Grip.  The award contains the album cover artwork repeated 7 times, each with a plaque saying 1 million, 2 million etc underneath.  There is also a plaque which reads:

The award was presented to the A&R executive, John Kalodner, by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). John Kalodner began his career as a photographer and writer at Concert magazine and subsequently a photographer for various record labels. In the 1970s, he signed Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins to Atlantic Records and in 1980, Kalodner was headhunted to become the first A&R executive at the upcoming label, Geffen Records, where he worked with a number of artists including Aerosmith and Jimmy Page. In the 1990s, Kalodner moved over to Columbia Records where he again worked with Aerosmith along with Cher amongst others.  The award measures 33cm x 43cm (13 inches x 17 inches. The condition is excellent.

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