B38521 – Paul & Linda McCartney Autographed 1975 Wings Press Conference Perth Invitation (Australia)


An extremely rare invitation to the Wings press conference that took place at Cottesloe Centre, Cottesloe, Perth, Australia on the 2nd November 1975. It has been autographed on the front by Paul and Linda McCartney in blue ballpoint pen. Linda has added the word ‘Love’ above her name and she has drawn a facial doodle under it. The signed invitation comes with a letter from the original recipient that reads:

‘In 1975 I was living in Perth, Western Australia after leaving Vancouver where I worked for the Vancouver Sun as a press photographer. I had an American friend, Phil, in Perth who was a bit of a hustler and when he heard that McCartney and Wings were coming to Perth and that they would do their only press conference in Australia, well, he figured we had to be there. He found out who the promoter was and called and said we were stringers for Rolling Stone magazine and we had to be at the conference. Shortly thereafter he picked up the invitations at the hotel where the band were staying and off we went. The press conference was held at the Cottesloe Civic Centre and was fairly well-attended. It became dominated by an Australian comedian who worked under the name Norman Gunston and was infamous across Australia for his riotously funny interviews with famous personalities which were broadcast on his own tv show, The Norm Gunston Show. (a link to Norm interviewing Paul & Linda at the presser). After the conference was over, we all went into the gardens out back and had a buffet lunch. My friend Phil turned to me with his plate of food and said, “Do you want to have lunch with Paul and Linda?” They were sitting on the grass by themselves so I of course said, “sure” and we had a delightful half hour chatting as more and more people gradually gathered around’. The Invitation measures 13.5cm x 9.5cm (5.25 inches x 3.75 inches). Pin holes in the top corners, slight discolouration to the paper. The condition is very good.

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