B38522 – Paul & Mike McCartney 1973 Strawberry Studios Stockport Autographs (UK)


A page taken from an autograph book which has been signed by Paul McCartney and his brother Mike McCartney. Mike has added the inscription ‘TWO CHRISTOPHER much TAR’ above his name, Paul has added the word ‘and’ above his name. The autographs were obtained at Strawberry Studios, Stockport, England in February 1974 when Paul was helping his brother Mike put together record his album ‘McGear’.

The autographs come with a letter from the original recipient that reads:
‘McGear was recorded at Strawberry Studios between January and February 1974, produced by Paul McCartney with backing tracks by Wings. The Halle Orchestra, arranged and conducted by Gerry Allison, provided additional music on the recording. Ludmila Nagle played Viloa (under her maiden name Ludmila Navratil) and played on the recording. Mike and Paul signed the autograph book that she kept for her son Christopher’.

The page measures 13.5cm x 10cm (5.25 inches x 4 inches). The condition is excellent.

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