B39242 – Jimi Hendrix 1960s Autographed Jesus Christ Wanted Poster (USA)


A poster designed by the American cartoonist Art Young in the style of a ‘wanted’ poster for Jesus Christ. It has been signed by Jimi Hendrix along the bottom edge in black ballpoint pen. Jimi has added the inscription ‘Stay together’ to the left of his name. The autograph was obtained in the late 1960s in New York, USA. The poster comes with a copy of an email from the son of the original recipient that reads:

‘My father was a teacher and a few of his kids cut class one day to hang out in NYC. Shortly after buying the poster they saw Jimi on the street and asked for his signature, he obliged. The next day the kids caught flack for skipping school and gave my dad the poster out of good will (or just plain bribery). Dad gave it to me years ago.’.

The image of the poster was first published in the left wing American magazine ‘The Masses’ in 1917, as the image was so striking it was later produced as a poster and was sold in psychedelic poster shops across the USA in the late 1960s. The poster measures 29.75cm x 40.55cm (11.75 inches x 16 inches). The condition is very good.

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