B39596 – Ringo Starr 1968 Autographed The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Album (UK)


A USA vinyl pressing of The Beatles album ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ that has been autographed on the gatefold by Ringo Starr in black felt tipped pen. The signature was obtained at Ringo’s home ‘Sunny Heights’ in Weybridge, Surrey in 1968. The album comes with a detailed letter from the original recipient that reads:

‘This is the full story which is my authentication and provenance on how I obtained Ringo Starr’s autograph on The Magical Mystery Tour 12” American release LP Album. In the early summer of 1968, on a warm summer evening, I was driving with a friend to a party in West Byfleet, Surrey. I decided to take a short cut through St Georges Hill private estate in Weybridge. It was easy to do that in those days however now they have security guards stopping people from entering, unless you live there or are going to the St Georges Hill tennis or golf club. On that particular evening as I drove into the estate the thought occurred to me that it would be a great idea to go to find Ringo Starr’s house. I had a few Beatles Albums in the car and they would be ideal for him to sign. Almost immediately I spotted a man walking a dog nearby and stopped the car to ask him if he knew where Ringo lived. Without a pause he told me to turn right at the entrance cross road. You’ll find it on your left he said, ‘Sunny Heights’ it’s called but mind out as the drive has a very steep drop to his front door. Well he was absolutely correct because turning into the property I had to brake quite hard going down the slope before reaching the smallish drive where a lovely Facel Vega car was parked. How I didn’t hit it I do not know. Somehow, I turned the mini round in the narrow space and then panicking slightly I was ready to drive back out when the front door opened and a smart well-spoken man came out and asked what it was, I required. I jumped out of the car and politely requested if he could ask if Mr Starkey would mind signing an album, handing him ‘The Magical Mystery Tour American release’ 12” LP. He politely asked me to stay at the door and left me standing for a few minutes. On returning he handed me back the album signed in heavy black felt tip pen. He said, would you mind leaving now young man and please don’t come back again. Well I didn’t need telling twice so I drove back up the steep drive nearly taking off at the top. Feeling quite excited I continued on to the party however I never mentioned what had happened that night and I kept the album safely locked up in the boot. This is now 54 years ago. I appreciate that I didn’t meet Ringo in person that night although I did see the Beatles perform on five occasions at different venues. The story is really personal and true Ringo’s signature is prominent on the Magical Mystery Tour inside back page next to the album title above the song lyrics. The record has been well played over the years and at that time I discreetly signed the cover to prove it was mine in case someone fancied taking it.’.

The condition is very good.

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