B39975 – The Beatles 1965 Shea Stadium Autographs (USA) – Price On Request

An exceptionally rare set of Beatles autographs on a piece of paper in ballpoint pen. Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have signed in blue ballpoint pen, John Lennon has signed in brown ballpoint pen. George Harrison has added the inscription ‘To Saralyn love from’ above his name, Paul McCartney has added the word ‘and’ to the left of his name, John Lennon has added the word ‘and’ above his name. The autographs were obtained by a security supervisor at the now legendary Beatles performance that took place at Shea Stadium, New York on 15th August 1965. The autographs come with a letter from the daughter of the original recipient that reads:
‘The Beatles autograph was obtained at their concert in Shea stadium, Queens, NY. USA. On August 15,1965. My father B. Riguardi was supervisor of security and was in charge of personally protecting Ringo Starr at the concert. He spent the entire day with the Beatles, prior to, during and after the concert. I remember him telling me many interesting stories from conversations with them. I am an only child and my dad said he talked about me to Ringo. That’s when the Beatles autographed a paper addressed to me “Saralyn”. My dad personally watched Ringo, John, George and Paul sign it. They also gave him a fan club card for me as well. I’ve treasured and displayed the autographs for almost 60 years. I am selling my Memorabilia now because I am retiring and downsizing my home’.
The ink that John Lennon has signed in has discoloured a little over time. The paper measures 10.7cm x 18cm (4.25 inches x 7.1 inches). There are staple holes in places. The condition is very good minus.
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