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A page that has been taken from an autograph book that has been signed by The Beatles. John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have signed in dark blue ballpoint pen, Paul McCartney has signed in black ink. The autographs were obtained at the Gaumont Cinema, Southampton, England on 20th May 1963.
They come with a letter from the original recipient that reads:
‘My old school friend and myself, decided to skip school, it was in the middle of exams to go and see the Beatles at the Gaumont. To see them we had to make our way on a limited bus service, because we lived in the country. I still can’t remember the way we got round our families, one, to get the money and two, to get permission to skip school, I cannot imagine my parents giving me the money, things were very tight. I can only imagine that I had saved pocket money from my grandparents. We didn’t know what to expect as we had never been in the Gaumont before. It seemed enormous, especially as we were nearly in the “gods!!” The music was so loud, it must have been awful for the bands, because the screaming was awful. We listed [sic] to the supporting artists, but really all anyone wanted was the “BEATLES”. We were absolutely high (not on drugs) but on the occasion, having never seen anything like it. Carol, my friend, suggested to go round to the stage door. We never believed that we would get an autograph. Carol had her autograph book, she gave me a page out of it and the book and page went behind the stage door. Not long after we were handed the book and page. I also got Roy Orbison’s autograph but I cannot find it. I contacted my friend last year to ask if she still had her autograph book, she was absolutely gutted to say that she had destroyed her book many years ago. She said don’t let her know if I sold it. It has been in my drawer in my bedroom for all those years – 60 to be precise. Never thought people would be interested. We didn’t get Gerry Marsden’s autograph who was also there’.

The page measures 11cm x 9.7cm (4.25 inches x 3.75 inches). The condition is excellent.


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