B41784 – John Lennon Related Cynthia Powell (Lennon) 1958 Liverpool College of Art Examination Results Sheet (UK)


A Liverpool College of Art Intermediate Drawing School examination results sheet for second year students, group 3. The assessment period was November – December 1958. Cynthia Powell’s (Lennon) name is printed in the list of students and her results for each subject have been handwritten on the form by her respective teachers. The result for her Craft test has not been filled in.

Some notable students names that are listed in the class include:-

Anthony Carricker (Tony) was one of John’s earliest and most influential friends at Liverpool Art College with his passion for American music especially Rock n’ Roll and R n’ B and his amazing record collection. It was Tony that wrote out the lyrics to ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ for John so that he could learn the song. Tony also borrowed rare records from the American Embassy through the Smithsonian, the records were all delivered to his tiny house in Widnes with return postage pre-paid, John was indebted to Tony for broadening his musical horizons.  At one point in 1959 Tony held the Quarrymen ‘That’ll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger’ Kensington acetate but he used it as collateral to get back an Elvis Presley LP that he had loaned to John. He was even asked to join the group.

In 1958 during a discussion John said to Tony ‘I’ll play my guitar in pubs but I’m not working for a living’ but alas John did have to get a job to try and purchase his first electric guitar. In summer 1959 they worked together as labourers on a Southport building site, John hated the work but he knew he had to do it.

Jeff Mahomed was another of John’s friends, he was said to be a complex character and he was someone that John looked up to. It was Jeff that encouraged John to ask Cynthia to dance with him at the end of the second year dance.

Rod Murray lived with both John and Stuart Sutcliffe whilst at art college and he was also asked to join the Quarrymen. Margaret Morris (Diz), lived with Rod and Stuart Sutcliffe in Percy Street and Gambier Terrace, she also became girlfriend to Rod Murray. Phyllis McKenzie was a close friend of Cynthia’s. Other friends on the list include Pat Jourdan and Ann Mason.

The document measures 25.5cm x 20.5cm (10 inches x 8 inches). There are small creases around the corners of the document. The condition is very good.

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