B42930 – The Jackson Five Rare Vintage 1973 Autographed Record Store Bag Brisbane (Australia)


An Australian paper bag from Harlequin Music stores that has been autographed on the back by the Jacksons.  Michael Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Randy Jackson, Marlon Jackson and Tito Jackson have all signed in black ballpoint pen.

Each band member has added their respective date of birth below their signatures.

The bag was signed for the president of the local Jackson Five fan club at the Park Royal Hotel, Brisbane, Australia in late June 1973. This was not only the Jackson’s first tour of Australia and New Zealand but they were the first black male pop group to tour the countries with record attendances of over 2 million people.

The tour took in the following cities in Australia and New Zealand.

23/06/1973 – Brisbane, Australia, Brisbane Festival Hall
26/06/1973 – Melbourne, Australia, Festival Hall
29/06/1973 – Perth, Australia, Beatie Park
01/07/1973 – Adelaide, Australia, Apollo Stadium
02/07/1973 – Sydney, Australia, Hordern Pavilion
04/07/1973 – Christchurch, New Zealand, Town Hall
05/07/1973 – Wellington, New Zealand, Athletic

Provenance: accompanied by a detailed letter from the father of the original recipient that reads as follows:

‘The Michael Jackson hit “Ben” was the catalyst for a surge in popularity for The Jacksons in Australia, and my teenage daughter, Cheryl, wrote to one of the local radio stations in response to efforts by the station to organize a following for the group, under their auspices.

In 1973, probably to coincide with the release of the “Skywriter” album, the Jacksons, or Jackson 5 or however many there were, toured Australia, travelling south from Japan. The Australian tour started in Brisbane, Queensland. The commercial radio station mentioned above (probably 4BC or 4BH), thinking they should generate ą bit of noise about the tour, nominated my daughter, Cheryl, as president of the local fan club, much to her surprise. They told her that if she did certain things, like jumping up and down and screaming, she could meet the members of the Jackson 5 at their hotel and she could bring a friend. Cheryl, together with her school friend, Gina, attended the concert, and were told to walk a couple of blocks to the Park Royal Hotel where they could meet the group. I was with them, and as the situation seemed innocent enough, I did not object when they were invited to the group’s suite to meet the boys. I well remember standing around in the foyer of the Park Royal Hotel for the two girls to be ushered downstairs in time to get some sleep before school the next day.

Cheryl may have bought the “Skywriter” record herself or it may have been given to her as an advance copy by the Australian distributor. To the best of my memory, Harlequin Records had a music store in Brisbane at the time and were probably involved in the promotion.

The Jackson boys were very relaxed and friendly and generous with their autographs, and when one of them autographed the back of the Harlequin paper bag he also added his date of birth, and the rest of the group then followed suit’.

The condition of the vinyl is very good.

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