B43144 – Elton John Owned And Used T.Anthony Green Tour-Used Suitcase 1980s/1990s (USA)


A green fabric and brown leather case with a T.Anthony plaque and two labels, monogrammed with Elton’s initials E.H.J and also a pink tag with ‘No.5’ on it.

The suitcase measures 76cm x 51cm x 25cm (30 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches). The condition is very good plus.

Provenance: comes from the collection of Elton’s assistant Baz Marshall. He worked with Elton John from 1984-2005 in various roles including Tour and Advance Coordinator. Baz recalls:

“We used to tour with about 35 suitcases; the black ones were Elton’s, the assistants had purple ones and mine were green. This one time in New York, Gianni Versace brought Elton a load of clothes, so his assistant sent me to go and get another case from T.Anthony in New York to put all these clothes in, so off I went. When I got there, they told me they were sold out of the black ones, and they only had green or red – I wouldn’t dare turn up with a red one so got a green one instead. This is just one of the many suitcases we had!”

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