B43651 – Michael Jackson 1990s Autographed British Airways Menu (UK)


A British Airways London to Los Angeles first class menu autographed on the front cover by Michael Jackson in red felt tipped pen. Michael has added the added the name ‘Elspeth’ above his signature.

The menu measures 14.9cm x 29.75cm (5.9 inches x 11.75 inches). The condition is very good.

Provenance: it comes with a letter from daughter of the original recipient that reads as follows: ‘I enclose an autograph from Michael Jackson, written on a British Airways 1st Class Menu.

The autograph was given to me by my father, Peter Smurthwaite, who worked for British Airways as a Purser during the 1980s and 1990s.

During one of his flights, I’m told that Michael Jackson was a 1st class passenger. During the flight my father asked Michael for an autograph for both me, Elspeth, and my brother.

My father returned home with two signed menus. One reading ‘Elspeth, Michael Jackson’ and the other for my brother. I don’t know what happened to my brothers.

My father told me that Michael had to spend the majority of the flight with his face covered, due to his plastic surgery. I know little else as I was quite young when it was gifted to me.

I would estimate that the autograph was obtained between 1989 and 1994’.

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