B43731 – Queen Signed Coutts & Co London Bank Cheques (UK)


A set of three Coutts & Co Queen signed bank cheques from 1989, 1980 and 1981.

Freddie Mercury and John Deacon have signed a Coutts & Co Queen Productions Limited cheque. Both have signed in blue pen, John has signed John R. Deacon. The cheque is dated 19th November 1980 for £203.55 payable to Cream Creative Marketing Ltd, this was the company the designed the sleeve for Queen’s 1980 album ‘The Game’.


Brian May and John Deacon have signed a Coutts & Co Raincloud Productions Limited cheque. Brian has signed B. H. May in black pen, John has signed John. R. Deacon in blue pen. The cheque is dated 18th June 1981 for £465.52 payable to Pete Cornish Musical Accessories, this was the company that maintained Queen’s instruments, amps and looked after the group’s stage equipment.


Roger Taylor and John Deacon have signed a Coutts & Co Queen Productions Limited. cheque.  John has signed John R. Deacon in blue pen, Roger Taylor has signed in black pen.  The cheque is dated 6th April 1979 for £323.00 payable to Roley and Suke clothing manufacturers.

Each cheque measures 19cm x 10.25cm (7.5 inches x 4 inches).  The condition is excellent.

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