B43733 – The Beatles 1963 Autographed Handbill Boras (Sweden)

A handbill advertising various concerts in Gothenburg and Boras, Sweden autographed on the reverse by The Beatles in blue ballpoint pen. Paul McCartney has signed his first name only. The signatures were obtained backstage after The Beatles performance that took place at Borashallen, Boras, Sweden on 28th October 1963.

The handbill measures 21cm x 29.5cm (8.25 inches x 11.6 inches). Folded and laid flat. The condition is very good plus.

Provenance: the autographs are accompanied by a letter from the brother of the original recipient that reads as follows:

‘The Beatles first tour outside GB was in Sweden October 1963 (except Hamburg, Germany, 1960- 1962, before they became famous). On the tour they visited my hometown Borås.  It was October 28 1963. My brother and I and a friend were at ldrottshallen in Borås and watched the show.  I think watch is the right word because the girls yelled so loud, so you could not hear the music.  My sister and her boyfriend were also there.  After the show I had to go home with my sister.  I was just fourteen and we lived 15 km outside Borås.  But my brother and his friend stayed and met the Beatles backstage after the show.  They talked to them and got their autographs.  So l know the signatures are authentic. My brother died in a traffic accident in 1965 and for many years nobody thought of or looked for the autographs, but when we did we could not find them. They were lost for more than thirty years. After my parents died 2002 and 2004 my little brother moved in the house and some years after that he found them.  Since then l kept them, but when I moved houses three years ago they were lost again. I looked for them everywhere but could not find them. But finally I did, in the bottom of the last box to look in. So they have been lost twice, but always found!’

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