B44119 – The Pretenders 1979 Kid 7-Inch Vinyl And Autographs (UK)


A piece of torn paper which has been signed by the members of The Pretenders. It is accompanied by a copy of their 7-inch vinyl single ‘Kid’ released in 1979 and a letter from the original owner which reads: ‘Autographs found in this 7” single I bought as a job lot, approx. 50 singles. I didn’t find it for months and it was only when I looked at the record and slid it out that I discovered them. Probably been there since the late 1970s early 80s…’

The autographed paper measures 17.5cm x 18cm (6.8 inches x 7 inches). It has been folded leaving crease lines and is fairly worn with creases and small tears in places. The condition is very good.

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