RS561 – Keith Richards Handwritten Letter To The Rolling Stones Fan Club Secretary 1963 & Mick Jagger/Bill Wyman Autographs (UK)


A one page letter that was written by Keith Richards in blue ballpoint pen to the Rolling Stones Fan Club secretary Shirley Arnold in 1963. The letter reads ‘Dear Shirley, Thanks very much. I remember you. Thanks for letting old Albert Hand know whats what. Bill says thanks for the lolly. ‘Beat Monthly’ knows more about where we’re playing than I do. Even if we do go to the continent it wouldn’t be for more than 3 weeks so don’t worry. Bye for now love Keith xxx’. It comes with part of a page from Shirley’s scrapbook that has the Albert Hand article attached to it as well as the autographs of Mick Jagger and Bill Wyman. The letter come with a note from Shirley Arnold that reads ‘in November 63, the editor of Beat Monthly magazine, wrote a scathing review of the Stones second single ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’ written by Lennon/McCartney. I wrote to the editor telling him what I thought of him and his review, which was printed the following week. See attached cutting from my 60s scrapbook signed by Mick and Bill Wyman. Early 64 I went to work for the band. I stayed working for them until 1972. The letter measures 13.5cm x 17.75cm (3.4 inches x 7 inches). The condition is very good plus.

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